Premiere: Curses – Together In The Dark


They held one another's hands tightly. The two were the last ones left in the damp, dark, dirty basement. Running from the cops, together in the dark, they were the last to be caught and captured for a crime in which they had not been involved. Outside the whirring sirens could be heard from miles away, the shudder of a helicopter cut coarsely through the black night sky and from time to time a beam of light would illuminate where they lay through the window.

Curses is set to release a new EP on London based record label and party series SC&P. The Berlin based producer has taken a moody turn on the new release which he describes as follows: 

"Since moving to Berlin, I found myself embracing my post-punk, new wave and rock & roll roots more than ever and incorporating it into my production and sets. Together In the Dark is about the disappearance of fear in unfamiliar and uncomfortable realities and embracing new light to move forward."

Listen below: 

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