Premiere: CT Kidobó & LAU – Mental Vortex (L.F.T. Remix)


He sat alone in the corner, arms crossed observing the party from a distance. There was an invisible barrier between him and the dancers that he couldn’t seem to penetrate, no matter how hard he tried. Friends beckoned him on to the floor, and he’d respond with a forced smile and a quick shake of his head. Again and again he willed himself to get up but his thoughts were swirling around in his mind like a mental vortex…

Budapest’s Dalmata Daniel ready the release of their second instalment in their DDE series, a collaborative release from two of the city’s emerging producers, CT Kidobó & LAU. While individually the former debuted on the label last year with his Exterminador EP and the latter is known for her live acts, solo and formerly as part of a duo called Wave Twins, together they have been crafting full throttle electro since 2019. For their forthcoming release Hamburg’s L.F.T. takes on remix duties giving ‘Mental Vortex’ a vintage minimal synth twist.