Premiere: Crooked Finger – Lulu


She was beautiful and she lit up each room she entered with a wicked smile and a charisma which burnt bright as if it were radiant or aflame. People adored her, fans worshipped her very breath as they watched with eager anticipation for her every move. This was the level of stardom which was Lulu. She was larger than life, with a voice which echoed through the streets of every city in Europe and beyond. Her history and heritage was celebrated upon the radio stations and television sets as millions watched her dance and sing like no other. 

SZE is an outlet for the weirder, fresh faced, more abstract fringes of the electronic music sphere. The pensive and the thoughtful. The next EP on the label comes in the form of a release from Crooked Finger, this track is called "Lulu"…

Listen below:

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