Premiere: Crazy P – Cruel Mistress (Ron Basejam Remix) – Walk Don’T Walk


Ever walk down the street as though you're cock of the walk? With that feather flying high in your cap and the pavement feeling like a treadmill under your feet (going in the same direction as you, of course) you're more than entitled to carrying a fair bit of swagger along with you as you stroll along with your head held high.

And why not? You deserve it, you're one hell of a smooth talker and no-one can bring you down. Well, almost no-one. We all know that you have a weakness when it comes to a certain unpleasant woman who rules havoc over your life – she's a 'Cruel Mistress', if you like. But don't worry, you can wash any thoughts of cruelty away from your head by letting in this cracking Ron Basejam remix of Crazy P as it'll lift you right back to where you belong.

Here comes that well-deserved aural confidence boost; 

Crazy P's Walk Dance Talk Sing is out now via Walk Don't Walk.