Premiere: Cowper – Love Light


The alias of Count van Delicious self-releases his debut album which blends industrial, ambient and EBM.

The silence in the room was palpable. They’d run out of words, there was nothing left in the tank. She couldn’t bear the tension, how quickly things had turned from perfectly pleasant to sour in just a matter of minutes. His vacant expression gave little away, she’d always found it difficult to read him. She stared at him long and hard, hoping there’d be some sort of tell eventually, but nothing… Her hope had turned to confusion then to anger, what more could she give when he gave her nothing back?


After releasing a handful of EPs under his Count van Delicious alias which focuses on Italo Disco, Bristol-based DJ and producer Cowper is now exploring new musical terrain under his given name. His debut EP, I Can See You, Can You See Me? comes as a self-release and features four slow, dark and hypnotic tracks. There’s echoes of trance, industrial, EBM and ambient, all stirred up good and proper to create an atmospheric collection of metallic beats and psychedelic synth cuts.