Premiere: Concret & TYU – Black, Blue, Yellow, Green (Borusiade Remix)


The colours flickered abruptly on the television screen as he sat and stared into space. He was not paying attention to the wave of meaningless colours before him for his life was now nothing but grey… 

'Black, blue, yellow, green…' 

They flashed once more.

'Black, blue, yellow, green…' 

They'd always said that this day might come, that we'd become numb as a nation to all the colour and life in the world. To all the glory in variation and difference, in beauty and in light. It was a sad state…

Concret & TYU are set to release a dazzling new EP packed with rugged energy and life for Trafico Music. They've also drafted in a host of remixers including the likes of Corrado, Luzius and Bellville. Our stand out from the release however, came from Comeme affiliated producer Borusiade who continues to move from strength to strength. 

Listen below: 

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