Premiere: Concret & Cantor – Defected


The village was deafly silent, you could barely hear a pin drop or a murmured whisper echo through the streets. Nothing happened in this god forsaken place anymore. Many, if not all, had left for other climes or intrepid adventures. They'd abandoned everything, in search of something better. Those that remained were intent on making their move soon. They knew the next chapter would be greater than this one. But then again, the grass is always greener… 

Paris-based Motordiscs, conceived by the team behind late nightclub Garage, set a pretty high bar when they launched their label earlier this year with a four tracker VA featuring an all star cast of artists: Khidja, Zombies In Miami, Curses and Kasper Bjørke. Their second helping is no different. This time they've locked in contributions from Sascha Funke, Modular Project, Massimiliano Pagliara and our pick from Concret & Cantor, a heads down cut driven by synths, atmospheric guitar licks and squiggly acid lines.