Premiere: Clang83 – Bootstrap


Deep in the midst of the desert there was little to be seen but for the rolling dunes and the bleak glow of the radiant sun. Marching through the outback he felt the need to loosen his bootstrap and walk barefoot upon the crumbling sand, it was hot beneath the feet and crisp to the touch. Who knew how far he had walked? How long had he lived amidst this barren hell? This was to be a long, long tour of a country far away but it was what it would take to make him a new born legend. 

Clang83 is set to self release a new EP, a whirlwind tour of electronic madness. The first EP was supported by a fierce cast of disc jockeys including the likes of Anastasia Kristensen, Mumdance and Peach to name a few. The new release bangs, hard.

Listen below: