Premiere: Citizens! – Lighten Up (Van Damme Edit) Video


Do you like good music? Do you like action films? If your answer to both of these rather broad questions was yes, then we've got a treat for you. The delightful Citizens! have given us a chance to bring you the worldwide exclusive showing of their second video for their track 'Lighten Up', featuring an action sequence from the legendary Jean-Claude Van Damme. 'Second video?' you may ask. Well, if you suddenly get the chance to have Van Damme strutting his stuff as your star you just don't say no. To accompany this debut screening, I asked the band a few questions about action films (and a couple about music);

Is Mr Van Damme your favourite action star? 

No! Rock Hudson all the way.

What unites Citizens! and Jean-Claude Van Damme?

Discipline, discipline, discipline (and being able to do the splits.)

Why didn't you choose to use a Jackie Chan sequence? Surely there's enough dancing in Rush Hour that you could make into a video?

We got some beef with Jackie Chan. 

Have any of you ever had any martial arts training? How do you think you'd fare in a bar fight?

Thom is a blue belt in Karate. He still likes to kick at least two things per day.

Onto your music – how would you best describe the sound of 'Lighten Up?

European Soul. It’s the sound of Robbespierre putting his moves on Tami Tyrrel as the sun goes down over the Parthenon.

How do you go about the creative process of songwriting? Do you have a set formula that you use or is each song a completely different concoction?

We buy really expensive equipment and then sit and look at it until we feel guilty enough to do some work.

Which artists are exciting you at the moment? Who do you think is writing the music we'll still be praising in 10 years time?

Paul Mcarthy and Kanye West

What is the Citizens! manifesto? What are you hoping to achieve with your music and how do you plan on going about doing so?

“Please don’t roundhouse kick me in the face.”

And finally, if you ever got the chance to meet Jean-Claude Van Damme what would be the first thing you'd ask him? Would you chance your arm at a hug?

“Please don’t roundhouse kick me in the face.”

'Lighten Up' is out now, for more information see the band's official website