Premiere: Chungo – O O O


Laughter and chatter filled the streets, a chorus of energy that could not be tempered. Not today, not after all this time spent solely with one’s own thoughts. The atmosphere was joyous, a coming together of friends and family; faces that hadn’t been seen in months, long awaited exchanges that seemed as though they’d never materialise. But here they were, all together as if nothing had kept them apart in the first place. 

Following their inaugural release in February – a split EP from label co-captains LeftLeft and Chungo – Dudbridge Garage International offer up their second outing, this time a solo EP from the latter label head. With several previous releases on Scuffed Recordings, the Bristol-based producer turns his attention to his own imprint with a three tracker of club tools that flaunt meticulous percussion, time-stretched vocals and syncopated drums, crafted with UKG sensibilities.