Premiere: Chiranuma – Okean (Panorama Channel Remix)


“All of these cars were once just a dream in somebody's head”. With the roads relocated to the skies due to the polluted water that submerged the depths of the city, gravity-defiant vehicles speed past mid-level apartments, making higher floors and penthouses the preferred choice for the city elite. The architectural manifestation of class hierarchy stares the population directly in the face, yet they choose to ignore it in favour of the status quo. The previously breathable and bright city has been replaced by exhaust fumes and the smell of decay. What happened to the infinite promise of the future?

Moscow-based label ида (pronounced Ida) treats us with their latest EP release ‘’ from Russian three-piece Chiranuma. The band combine live instrumentation and vocals with impressive production to build leftfield techno with an especially organic sound. Ransom Note’s pick from the release is Panorama Channel’s remix of 'Okean', an ethereal breakbeat stomper of a track. The intro, dripping in reverb and delay, builds the atmosphere before dropping into paranoia-infused futurist electro, fuelled by skipping kick drums and synth stab that sounds like a police car speeding past you.