Premiere: Carreno Is Lb – Woman, Dress, Dance


A warm air swept through the open window, the white curtains blew softly in the breeze. The white walls of the villa on the hill glimmered in style beneath the evening rays of the dying sun. Within the house she moved. A woman, a dress, a dance. She was a reflection of perfect beauty, a gorgeous vision, a magnificent dream. He woke from his slumber and this was all that was left, a fitting flash amidst the depths of sleep in which a perfect life was there. 

Carreno Is LB takes an atmospheric approach on his new release for hafendisko, a new sub label of the better known hfn. Based in the Canary Islands he encaptures a melodic energy commonly associated with the heat and warmth of summer. Listen to "Woman, Dress, Dance" below:

More details can be found HERE


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