Premiere: Carl Finlow – Optogenetic


He’d always hated heights; it was a childhood fear that he’d not managed to shake after all these years. For the most part these situations had been manageable — he avoided high rise buildings, anywhere that involved mountainous regions and, perhaps most importantly, flying. Until now, he’d managed to keep the nausea, dry mouth and sinking feeling at bay, but he knew he couldn’t steer clear of it forever…

As part of their 20th birthday celebrations, digital distribution, rights management, PR company and record label EPM have rounded up their nearest and dearest for a series of three Various Artist EPs: each one exploring a genre that’s formed the backbone of EPM’s work over the last two decades. Following a techno-focused four-tracker featuring Robert Hood, Mark Broom and more, the label usher in the second part which turns the spotlight on electro, with new tracks from veterans of the genre: The Advent & Zein Ferreira, Carl Finlow, Detroit’s Filthiest and Modulator a.k.a. Freddie Fresh.