Premiere: Ca$hminus – Paradise (Biancolato’s Quarantine Utopia Version)


She drummed her finger tips on the table, over and over and over. Bored didn't even cut it. Days had turned into nights had turned into days… There was no telling when the weekend began and the working week finished. It all blurred into one. Now she'd run out of activities to do, new hobbies to learn and recipes to cook. But she was determined to continue to have a positive mindset, after all this would all blow over eventually…

Last October saw the release VER$ION$, a remix EP that saw E-Talking, Mr. Ho and Donald's House put their own spin on material from Belgo-Australia duo Ca$hminus. Donald's House offered up a dub-wise version of 'Paradise' – the original track of which will be released later this year – but before that, Ca$hminus offer up another interpretation from Melbourne's Biancolato. Produced while holed up in his studio recently, his take is a smooth, peaceful re-interpretation to soothe the mind during these strange times.

Free download HERE.