Premiere: Cabasa – Excess


The bar held deep dark secrets behind its doors: only those who frequented it knew what lay inside. It wasn't open to everyone, you had to be invited. How you got an invitiation though, that was the question. Rumours had circulated about the place and what many had encountered beyond the doors, but none of this was certain. But one thing that many had been heard countless times was that it was a place for excess. There were no half measures here…

Belgian producer, DJ and The Word radio host Cabasa debuts on Boogie Box Records with his Excess EP which includes a remix from Keysound's Otik. Following releases from Otik himself, Caldera, STL, Causa and Appleblim, the label continue their exploration into rhythmic territories with Cabasa at the helm. From the fluid synths and stuttering drums of openere 'Valleyfield' to the atmospheric melodies of 'Cats on Scooters' and broken polyrhythms of our pick 'Excess', Cabasa flaunts a masterful touch that's way beyond his years.