Premiere: BXP – Tupla


A tip off had drawn their attention to a small abandoned town on the edge of the desert, but it was curiosity that had led them to drive out there to see it for themselves. Pulling up to what once would have been a bustling high street, the hairs on her neck began to bristle. It was as if this place had stopped in time; the shop fronts still showing the special offers of the day and the restaurant’s awnings still extended to shelter customers from the hot sun. But it was empty, derelict; a forgotten place that would remain lost in history.

When lockdown began Bologna-based label Random Numbers were forced to postpone all their forthcoming releases, but in its stead they began working on a V/A compilation which brings together some of their favourite producers from across Europe, also offering them support during the Covid-19 pandemic. Made up of 14 tracks, that move through slow organic rhythms and sludgy electronics, the release titled Parallel Routes features the likes of Heap, BSS (Luigi of Beesmunt Soundsystem), Anatolian Weapons, Front De Cadeaux and our pick from BXP.