Premiere: Bruise – Jagged Angels


There were a lot of onlookers who looked down from the floating clouds up above. Jagged angels they were called, for they might be as likely to cut you as they would save you on any given day. Soaring amidst the blue skies they were a pearly white and glimmered in the glow of the radiant sunlight which beamed down upon earth from up above. Some had always felt that they might like to dance and fly amongst the clouds, a new life accompanied by angels and ghosts. For him, he was simply happy down here on earth. 

Bruise are set to release a new EP on Meda Fury, a duo made up of Christian Campbell (Sona Vabos) and Darren House aka Diesel (Xpress-2, Ballistic Brothers). This one is an ode to Detroit of sorts, drawing upon dusty influences from the glory days of house and techno. 

Listen below: