Premiere: Bruha – Yoko Ono (Duro Records)


Mop-topped Mexican Chon dreams of a life near the Liver Birds, aged sitcom and guardians of the port and people. Fresh back from Hamburg, and desperate to escape the advances of a famed sexual predator, he has set his eyes on a slightly-built Japanese girl, full of anarchistic fire and needing a good bedding, "chonchon" style.  In a bid to woo her, he heads to his nearest instrument store, but they have no Rickenbackers, only curious boxes with lights and tiny unmanageable keyboards. He unboxes and plugs in, finds the sounds at first disturbing, then slightly intriguing, then a very potent mix of his sexual intentions. Poor girl won't know what's hit her. Poor Chon will find out soon enough. 

Buy the new EP "Chon Lennon" HERE.