Premiere: Samuel Padden – Voyager

5 Minute Read

Dream Theory unveil a compilation of delicate ambient music from an assortment of rising producers.

Moving over the face of the water he looked down beneath at the waves below as they rippled and then vanished out of sight. He wondered what was down there, beneath the murky depths of the ocean – uncharted territory that had never been explored. It seemed so vast and abstract that it was almost beyond the realms of comprehension or understanding…

He was but a mere voyager upon a ship sailing towards a new life. What was deep beneath the murky blue was not to be his business, at least not for today.

They had been travelling for hours having left shore under the cloak of darkness earlier that morning…

It would probably be dark again now.


Anna Wall’s Dream Theory kicks off 2023 with a compilation of abstract ambient music from a carefully handpicked assortment of musicians. The album features a beautiful assortment of sounds and meditative textures which guide us into the new year with a semblance of optimism and poignancy in equal measure.

This track below is from Samuel Padden, who features on the compilation. Listen below:


Visit the Dream Theory Bandcamp HERE.