Premiere: Bleaching Agent – Youngblood


He threw himself down on the bed, exasperated from the days that had proceeded. He'd been operating on little to no sleep at all, work had taken over his life completely. What little work life balance he'd had before had evaporated since he moved up the ranks. But he felt that he had to prove himself. He needed to show all the non-believers what he was really made of. That's the only way he could earn their respect…

Following the polyrhythmic experiments of Pokies at the end of last year, Berlin-based Hot Concept step into 2020 with a new EP from a hero of the UK underground, Bleaching Agent. Renowned individually for his no-holds-barred techno productions as well as being one half of gabber-Italo duo Blacknecks, he's graced imprints like Komisch, Mira and Opal Tapes. His debut on Hot Concept, Not Colour Absolute, takes its name from a line by French Decadent poet Paul Verlaine and brings together industrial disco, tripped-out house, EBM, komische and full throttle rave cuts.