Premiere: Big Miz – Winger


He moves down the flank, weaving his way between teammates and the flying limbs of the opposition. Shouts and cries fill the air as an eager sense of anticipation grows within this cauldron of a stadium. The blood is pounding in his head as he runs ever closer towards the final line. Then there was a flash, a bang, a crash: the crackle of a loud drum could be heard from the stands as an eruption of noise echoed across the grounds. He was the winger, he absorbed the moment, and moved towards the line. 

Big Miz is a Glaswegian favourite, you will find him regularly DJ'ing the La Cheetah booth in a Celtic top, wine in hand and a cheerful grin emblazoned across his face. Here is his latest one for the ever sound Dixon Avenue Basement Jams lot. Listen Here:

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