Premiere: Big Hands – Night Bulbs


There was a tiny flicker in the darkness, it offered hope and promise. He sat in bed, looking upwards towards the ceiling and thought about his life thus far. How had he found himself in such a position, all alone in the midst of a great, big city. Outside he could hear the sound of celebrations and friends but he had little of his own. The flat was cold and bare, minimal and bleak. However, soon he hoped that the light might return – the night bulb began to flicker and glow more steadily and soon he might be bright once again. 

Baroque Sunburst is a new label based in London which aims to offer a shining path forward through UK sound system heritage and Detroit influenced European techno. The first release comes from Honest Jon's team member Big Hands who delivers an EP which meanders between elements of house, UK electronics and sounds from beyond the pond. It's a strong statement of intent from a record label which has serious potential. 

Listen below: