Premiere: Bennelux – Kiss The Sky


Flying high amongst the clouds he watched the world spin down below, a million flickering lights and a civilisation unaware of what lay beyond in outer space. He soared and raced his tiny plane as fast as he could, accelerating into the outer reaches of a galaxy far away. He was simply trying to kiss the sky, to embrace the cosmos and meet his maker in a whole new means. Life on earth was long gone…

Bennelux are a duo set to release a new album on Astigmatic Records, an album which pays homage to the glory days of hip hop whilst focussing firmly on the future and development of the footwork sound structure of the present. The pair explain the concept behind the record below:

“We wanted to go back in time and create something completely fresh and unique moving it to the current fast-moving field of juke and footwork descending from Chicago. Most of our songs started from samples that were previously being used in some of the classic hip-hop tunes that shaped our musical taste.”

Listen below:

Buy HERE but move fast as only 30 copies left.