Visible Cloaks’ Spencer Doran soundtracks Season: A Letter to the Future

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Spencer Doran SEASON: A letter to the future
Written by Til Woup

The meditative exploration game has been gifted a soundtrack by Spencer Doran.

SEASON: A letter to the future, the meditative exploration game, has been gifted a soundtrack composed and produced by Spencer Doran. Taking nearly three years to complete, the original score is a lush collection of transmissions from the game, where the main character must “save memories of a civilization on the brink of collapse.”

Doran was an early collaborator in the creation of SEASON and has helped to define the game’s imaginary world and emotional tones. His background in site-specific audio installations, his work as half of Visible Cloaks, and his compilation of the acclaimed Kankyō Ongaku: Japanese Ambient, Environmental & New Age Music 1980-1990, all fed into the creation of the soundtrack.


The music in SEASON is integral to both the interactive and narrative aspects of the game. Estelle is equipped with a free-form audio recorder, and the score functions as “musical wind”, blurring the boundaries between the natural world and the non-diegetic score. Doran’s work was arranged for an abstract and evolving experience within Audiokinetic’s Wwise, a software designed for managing complex audio systems in gaming.

Spencer Doran’s SEASON: A letter to the future (Original Soundtrack) will be released digitally on May 5, 2023 on RVNG INTL, followed by double LP and CD editions later in the year. Details