Premiere: Bawrut – Ciquita (Moscoman Mix)


There are many moments which can be recalled from the days of summer past. The dying embers of the sun would soon leave this place but for now they would dance in the golden glow beneath the trees. A roar would erupt from a small crowd as a drum banged between the leaves. Feet moved pacily in time and "Ciquita" they would chant euphorically for the whole damn world to hear. This one was an ode to summer madness, an ode to summer dreaming, an ode to summer past.

Ransom Note's very own "Ciquita" has been doing the rounds this summer and has appeared in some far flung locations. Bawrut has soundtracked our 2016, we're not sure about yours. However, now, as we enter the dying embers of the breezy, sun kissed months we unveil a new approach. Our good friend Moscoman steps up to deliver a remix to see in the Autumn as part of a new EP. Listen Here: 

Bawrut  – Ciquita/ 1-2-3-4 The Remixes are out now on Ransom Note Records and can be found HERE.

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