Premiere: Ayden Vice & Andreas Rund – Come Back To Me (The Egyptian Lover remix)


The travellers had been on foot for weeks, their journey taking them through lands both treacherous and serene. For the final stretch they crossed the golden sands of the desert, each grain underfoot sparkling under the sun's hot gaze. In the distance they could see a thick stone wall looming ominously above them. This signalled the border and new territories yet to be explored. As they headed towards the decaying brick gateway they wondered whether they would be welcome in these foreign lands… There was only one way to find out. 

Amsterdam-based imprint Musique Exotique deliver the first collaboration between label co-founder Ayden Vice and Czech producer Andreas Rund. West meets East on this EP with a remix courtesy of Egyptian Lover, who puts his twist on the original with signature 808 and smooth vocals. 

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