Premiere: Asyncronous – Blocks Of Despair


The pieces of the puzzle had all fallen into place and begun to make sense as he looked outwards at the great pyramids which stood tall and overlooked the desolate city. Blocks of despair, built by a people long ago under a strict regime. That was all they were, a homage to a time in which the world stood still and those that run it ruled with an iron fist and a cold hearted gaze. They had once watched as the innocent put the bricks down for a society which they would govern with cruelty and might. Now it was time for change, time to knock them down. 

Asyncronous have been long standing favourites of the team over at Phonica. Apparently their last record was an in store favourite and featured in their best of list. Now they have welcomed them to their in house label, a special treat and a meditative record which explores deep textures and delicate tonality. 

Listen below: