Premiere: Astroloop – Safer


Life had become nomadic; they travelled from place to place, finding shelter for a day or two before moving on to new climes. It wasn’t the life they’d chosen for themselves, but they had no choice in the matter. This existence had been forced upon them by powers far much greater than their own; now their only mission was finding a safe space to inhabit.

Milanese label Nothing Is Real took a brief interlude from showcasing what Italy’s fertile music scene has to offer with their ‘Made In Mexico’ compilation earlier this year, and now they return their attention to their stomping ground through the sounds of Gabriele Lori, aka Astroloop. Marking his debut solo outing, following collaborations on Freerange Records, the three original tracks touch on several sonic influences—from hypnotic house to mid-tempo grooves and driving synthwave—and are bolstered by a remix from Mexican producers Theus Mago and Moisees.