Premiere: Aroent – T Capsule


The sun had fallen below the trees but the heat remained during the darkness. A thick blanket of humidity hung low over the city, forcing jackets and coats to be stripped off and slung over shoulders. The streets were alive with chatter and distant melodies that floated through the air; swathes of friends walked their different paths, trying to find a suitable destination for their evening. Perhaps this wasn't the time to be descending into a sweaty basement, but the shaking walls and reverberating whoops and cheers that worked their way up from the depths made it all the more enticing…

To shed some light on the sounds coming out of his home city of Athens, Trial & Error label boss Marios 'bonebrokk' Naris has curated a compilation that depicts the Greek capital's contemporary club landscape. Athens UHD features 15 artists who are regularly soundtracking the city's clubs, and showcases their distinct style through complex broken drum patterns, harsh textures and Eastern percussion. Our pick of the bunch comes from Thessaloniki-born DJ and producer Aroent, who brings a blend of forward-thinking techno and broken rhythms smothered in harsh industrial reverb.