Premiere: Apollo View – IV


Straight off the back of his remix on the last Insult To Injury release, our Insult To Injury sub label is very excited to welcome back Tom Coveney (a.k.a. one half of Psychemagik & 100% of techno-titan Thomaas Banks) to the label as part of Apollo View. Together with long-term collaborator Jon-Mark, the Apollo View boys have cooked up two tasty interpretations of pieces that inspired them when they began their musical journey together back in 1992. These renditions make up their worldwide debut, Delta V 

First off the conveyor belt is, ironically, IV; a tip of the cap to the classic, Piano Tune, they have created part-electro-smasher / part-piano-mega-anthem. Massive 808 kicks boom away as a frenzy of percussive white noise bursts & hats jostle for position over the top, whilst heavenly piano chords puncture the furore in all the right places. 

Listen below: