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The air was still, almost unsettlingly silent. No chatter drifted in from the street, no abrasive car horns assaulted the senses. She twisted and turned, trying to find a comfortable crevice in the pillow, sleep felt impossible at the moment. Noise was preferable, the buzz of the night seemed to, conversely, console her and make her feel safe. Without it she remained fixated on the ceiling, willing her eyes to close over and over again.

Animated Matter is the coming together of composer and vocalist Hannah Elizabeth Cox and multisensory artist David Yann Robert. Their first collaborative outing, the 8 tracks on the album are inspired by the Scandinavian, Scottish and Celtic myth of the Selkie: a tragedy of impossible land/sea romance between a man and a shapeshifting seal/woman. Recorded in Boston over several years, the release matches an eerie tension with blissful, warm motifs, channeling their shared love of repetitive tonal textures featured in the work of Grouper and William Basinki.