Premiere: Angelo Repetto – Time Split (Neu Verboten Remix)


Even in the quieter areas of the city, there’s always noise. It might be a couple on the other side of the street talking, a bird singing, or the indistinct shouts of children playing in a garden a few streets away. Wherever you are, you can always hear the music of the world around you. The absence of silence might be intrusive, but without it, there’s no now and then or here and there. Without it, you might as well be stuck in time.

Funky synths and percussion, moody pads, and a steady electro rhythm characterise Neu Verboten’s dancefloor-ready rework of ‘Time Split’, taken from Angelo Repetto’s upcoming four-track EP. Kamiokande marks the Swiss producer’s first release on Zurich’s own Subject To Restrictions Discs, a fairly new label who’ve already had several noteworthy releases under their belt, including two V/A releases and a split EP from CCO and Narco Marco.