Premiere: Adam Pits – A Recurring Nature


The air was fresh and clean; it cleared her nostrils as she inhaled deeply. Out here in the wilderness, she couldn’t have felt further away from the city, away from the smog of the concrete jungle and the stress of the morning commute. It was a miracle what nature could do for the mind and the body; the green landscape and untouched woodlands brought with it a tranquility that was unmatched. If she could have her way, she’d never leave this place.

On Rotation have steadily built a reputation throughout the Leeds underground for their amazing parties that hone in on both local talent, as well as welcoming some of the most exciting international names around. After several years of events, it was only natural that the next step would be to add a label arm, and who better to kick things off than their resident, good pal and a producer who’s been pushing out the good stuff at a relentless rate: Adam Pits.

Marking his debut album, following EPs for Holding Hands, Seven Hills, X-Kalay and more, ‘A Recurring Nature’ takes inspiration from a year immersed in nature whilst clubs were a distant memory. Straddling introspective and extroverted moods, the eight tracks across the release show off Adam’s versatility as a producer; he’s just as at ease crafting spaced out downtempo cuts as he is straight up club bangers.