Premiere: Alex Epton – Wasted


Classically trained jazz musician Alex Epton is behind the soundtrack for 3OHA (Zona in English) a docufilm that uses archival footage to explore Soviet culture and the flourishing youth scene that emerged in the early 90s, and how it struggled to mesh with the new wave of Western capitalism, after the collapse of the Iron Curtain.

Set for release on SA Recordings, the soundtrack – recorded in close collaboration with film maker Clayton Vomero – complements the film’s themes of recollection, aspiration, assimilation, romance, ennui and resignation. Exploring various genres including avant garde, contemporary classical and abstract IDM, Epton's compositions bring together the new and the old, with Cellist Lucinda Chua's plaintive strings augmenting the otherworldly feel he conjures up across the album.

The London premiere of 3OHA takes place on 6th November at Screen on the Green.