Premiere: Alek Lee – Tornado Wallace Said No


The man traced his finger across the map, studying the route he'd taken over the last week. The journey had been unexpected, full of surprises and various twists and turns, good and bad. The promise of good food, shelter and company had kept him going through this solitary pilgrimage and now he was so close he could smell the home cooking and hear the lively celebrations. He approached the huge door, took a deep breath and knocked loudly. No answer. He knocked again. Still no answer. Then his eye caught a sign to the right – "No More Room" was scrawled across it. After all this time and work, he was to be refused entry, unable to reap the benefits that he truly deserved…

To mark the end of the year, Jennifer Cardini is releasing the next annual compilation on her label Correspondant; lucky number seven. Compilation 07  features a stellar cast of artists with close ties to the imprint, or its experimental sister label Dischi Autunno, including Rina, Damon Jee, Zombies In Miaimi, Julian Stetter, Concret & Cantor, Javi Redondo and Terr, as well as a host of new talented friends.