Ransom Note launches Pen Pals: a new collaborative compilation made in isolation


Over the last month, the music and events industry has entered unchartered territory due to the Covid-19 lockdown, and artists and online media have found themselves in a financially vulnerable position with much more time on their hands.

To help some of those artists, and provide Ransom Note with much-needed financial support, three weeks ago we reached out to some friends of the website with the challenge to make a track in collaboration with another producer, musician or vocalist, remotely, in 10 days. The result is ‘Pen Pals’: a compilation featuring 15 collaborations from 32 artists.

Spanning all corners of the musical spectrum from dub, house and new wave to experimental, techno and bass, the compilation features collaborations from the likes of GLOK and C.A.R., Otik and Tom VR, Malcolm and Vox Low and Borusiade and Moderna. 

Due to the current situation we’ve increased royalties for all artists involved and, whilst the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions apply, accounting will be processed fortnightly. Profits from the compilation will also provide financial support for Ransom Note who have been heavily impacted by the halt of the events industry.

The artwork has been created by Manchester design studio DR.ME. 


1. Funderground feat. Mutado Pintado – The Fun Begins
2. Malcolm feat J.C./Vox Low – Won't Be Long
3. Borusiade & Moderna – Expert Mental
4. Local Suicide & Thomass Jackson – Hit & Miss
5. R Elizabeth & Burko – Like To Lie
6. Bawrut feat Chico Blanco – Triangulo De Amor Bizarro
7. Francesca and Thoma Bulwer – Open Dub
8. Otik and Tom VR – Poly Echo 97
9. Angel D’Lite feat Eliza Rose – Pleasure Xone 43
10. Scott Fraser & SEI A – Taiga
11. Manfredas & Fantastic Twins – Gimme Pizza
12. Maoupa Mazzocchetti & Emma DJ – Virtual Odorat
13. Anna Lann feat. Sisters Cvetaevastanislava and Villvett We – Canon
14. Sapphire Slows & Maria Teriaeva – One Day
15. GLOK & C.A.R. – Shade In Me