Video Premiere: Albino Sound – Black Lagoon


They drifted along the river, floating amongst the low hanging branches that rippled the waters. Both of them had fallen into a deep slumber some way back, and on awakening had realised their surroundings were now very unfamiliar. In the bright sunlight of the afternoon these waters were welcoming but as the corners of the sky began to darken, and the evening air became cold, they wished they hadn’t left without a paddle. 

A visit to Japan led to one of the most recent 12″s on Pedro Vian’s Modern Obscure Music imprint. Osaka’s Hirotaka Umetani AKA Albino Sound, who also featured on our latest R$N Pen Pals release, makes his debut on the Barcelona-based label with a four tracker of experimental soundscapes and left of centre dancefloor rhythms. Influenced by contemporary bass and electronic sound the EP showcases his knack for sound design through his live percussion, syncopated drum work and hypnotic, dubwise melodies.

Buy HERE. Video director: Yuma Maehara.