Premiere: Agnès Aokky – Blue Dreams (Komori Acid Stuff Remix)

5 Minute Read

Futuristic idm meets electronica in this fiery remix package.

The sky was radiant and electric, shades of purple and pink splattered across an opal background. He’d been having these thoughts and visions for as long as he could remember – sometimes they were pleasant and precious whilst other times they left him shaken and anxious. Blue dreams they were called, at least that’s what he’d been told.

They only seemed to occur at night time – for the day was far too bright and colourful to let the clouds and fluttering skies venture between his thoughts. This was perhaps a blessing…


Agnès Aokky reached out to us to introduce this wild and riotous remix from Komori Acid Stuff. It’s a beautiful combination of IDM meets electronica and is about as futuristic as they come.