Premiere: Agents Of Time – My Heart Is A Microchip


The system fizzed and flashed, electrical currents buzzed and vibrated and his body was alive with a throbbing pulse which kept him awake and preoccupied. His heart was a microchip, a special type of man. He wondered what it was to be human and not machine, to be something more than a framework. His software told him what to feel and think but there were times in which even that short circuited and caused internal dispute. Perhaps it would be best if some great virus touched down upon his portals and plagued his very core. 

Agents Of Time are set to release a new EP on longstanding German label Kompakt, an imprint which requires little introduction. They deliver an eclectic mix of club ready tracks alongside one particularly interesting downtempo excursion which we bring you today. 

Listen below: