Premiere: After Altamont – Three Men Down ft. Shawni (Tolouse Low Trax Man Down Remix)


Like a predator stalking its prey, she surveyed the room with her piercing blue eyes, looking for a potential suitor to hold her attentions for the evening. Her reputation preceded her but her beauty was so much so that it blinded them all to the hair raising tales told about her. How could one so graceful, one so poised and elegant be capable of such things? As far as they were concerned, if she wanted them, she was welcome to them.

Four years after the release of their acclaimed debut LP ‘An Animal Orchestra’ for Inside Out Records, producers Stavros Potamitis & Constantinos Parisinos AKA After Altamont call on the skills of several talented artists to reimagine the tracks from the release. Featuring on all star cast including MR TC, Gina Breeze, Zombies In Miami, A Strange Wedding, Anatolian Weapons and our pick from Salon des Amateur affiliate Tolouse Low Trax, the remix package takes the psych rock, Greek folk and soulful dub sonics of the original and twists them into slow, hypnotic, trance-inducing grooves.