Premiere: Aeondelit – Walk on earth through water and fire

UGD-004 Artwork

Berlin-based art platform and record label Unguarded welcome the Colombian producer for his second long player.

“The memories of past generations: the lives that burn within me, are the pillars of who I am. They constitute longings and traps, sin and strength, the temple that breaks down and rebuilds. The different dimensions of consciousness converge in the mind, which constantly tells us who we are, synthesizing and projecting our contradictions. The pain that comes with getting in touch with our vulnerabilities opens the doors to healing through confrontation. This lays the foundation for a more honest relationship with our past, present and future.”


Colombian producer Aeondelit is fascinated by the connection between digital technologies and human beings. Captured through the use of ambient soundscapes, droning, cinematic soundscapes and experimental rhythms, he also crafts music that’s influenced by the rocky landscapes of his hometown Manizales. His second LP Vestigios, which is released via Berlin art platform and label Unguarded, ruminates on themes of transformation, heritage, vulnerability and healing – as Aeondelit puts it, it’s ‘the bridge between the temporal and the eternal’.


Vestigios will be released on Unguarded on 14th October. The passage, written by Aeondelit, describes the meaning behind the album.