Premiere: Mikey – Reaper

5 Minute Read
Mikey – SKYWARD (BOMO 004)

A dreamy leftfield pop EP on Body Motion.

The trees were so tall that they concealed the sun. It was warm in the forest and from time to time the flowers would fall from the branches and blow softly upon the breeze before fading away into the shadows of the woodland. At night this place was home to one creature only, a wild reaper who kept the world at peace. It was his job to watch over this place and ensure it remained as ethereal, as peaceful and magic as it was.

By day you might never know, by night the eerie silence and the cold shivers were all that might give him away. That was the point you see – for the reaper was not supposed to be seen by anyone who was not yet meant to see him. One day they all would, but for now, he stayed guard and watched over the occasional straggler who passed through and got lost along the way.



Mikey is set to release an ethereal, dreamy pop inspired EP on Body Motion – a left turn of sorts for the label. This release has us thinking of experimental synth pop from the likes of Uman, Dylan Moon and Reckonwrong.

Listen below: