Hirschmann – Le hasard de la danse (Anatolian Weapons Remix)


He took another step and felt a twig snap under his boot, a startled squirrel scampered away, ruffling the bushes he was walking past. He exhaled a sigh of relief and continued along the path, keeping a close eye on his footing. Daylight was approaching, and the forest he had been walking through was beginning to change shape as the twilight shone through the trees, casting soft shadows and laying down a gentle blue light that revealed more of the obscured path up ahead. The shower of bird song that came from the treetops soothed him as he moved carefully through the forest.

The newest release from French musician Hirschmann comes in the form of a self-released EP, Aux destins isolés. Written in the countryside at night, it captures the melancholy wanderings of the heart and mind. With this particular track, Grecian producer Anatolian Weapons reinterprets ‘Le Hasard de la Dance’. The extended remix amplifies the energy of the original version, introducing new rhythmic elements and a heavier low end, while still making space for the spoken vocals and pensive piano lines.