First View: Acid Ultras — All Things Must Pass

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Acid Ultras

Playground escapades and grey skylines aplenty in this wonderful video which accompanies the latest release on Optimo as part of their digital dancefloor series.

Acid Ultras were formed in Glasgow 2019 out of a mutual love of Acid House. The band is made up of Dj’s Nick Stewart, Matt McCue and blues singer Chris Wilson. Together they are set to release new material on Optimo, the Glasgow based record label run by JD Twitch and JG Wilkes which has become a staple of the leftfield electronic music scene.

The band formed when Nick asked Matt to play a live set at a club and Matt said the only way he would do it was if they formed a band. Six weeks later they played live (slightly terrified) with a do it yourself attitude.

Their new track is described with poetic vision, a poignant back story inspires the new track “All Things Must Pass”.


“The song was written about my ex-girlfriend. My soulmate and twin flame. We are still in love with each other but can’t be together however much we want to be.

It’s about the pain of being separated from someone you are completely in love with. Hoping that the pain of separation will pass someday. It’s melancholic and euphoric. Using just a Roland CR – 68 drum machine, 2 synths and a 303. The acid line coming in at the end signifies ‘hope’ the feelings of loss will pass and get better.”

The accompanying music video was directed by Steven Spence and Archie Barber.