First Listen: Yannick Labbé – El Color Pasa


What is the colour of music? Does anyone really know? What we do know is that this latest offering from Yannick Labbé, taken from the upcoming second part in his 'Seilertracks' series, will conjure up all manner of colours inside your brain as though you were nothing more than an artist's pallette. But you're more than that. You're a human being. Or possibly a cat, our target demographic seems to be slowly shifting towards felines…

Moving swiftly on…

'El Color Pasa' is a chance for you to get a whopping great chunk of Mr Labbé's finest sounds in your ears to set your brain alight as he rocks too and fro between minimalist soundscapes and full-blooded musical glory in a track that almost breaks the eight minute mark.

Go on, mull this one over in those great big ears of yours;

Yannick Labbé's Seilertracks Part 2 is out on 15th June via Hafendisko.