Premiere: Undsidedly – Scorch

5 Minute Read

A Drexciya inflected slice of electro goodness on Kulture Galerie’s first digi-only EP.


In the premiere, undsidedly absurd, Scorching NFTs 999, quite the word. Kulture Galerie, a virtual spree, Where pixels dance in digital glee.

Unicorn llamas in neon disguise, Singing to stars in electrified skies. Crypto cats in a disco of dreams, Funky pixels in digital streams.

So gather ’round, the NFTs ignite, In the premiere, a pixelated delight. Undsidedly wild, let the art flow, Scorching bright, in the virtual show!



Kulture Galerie’s first all-digital release, ‘NFTs 999,’ showcases four emerging talents. Berlin’s natebytheway, the UK’s Duncan Thomas, Ireland’s Jack Ward and Swedish IDM from Undsidedly which we’re premiering here. A Drexciya infused slice of electro goodness.


Listen below: