Premiere: Tropics – Minor Delays feat. Oscar #Worldpeace

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TROPICS_2 copy

Deep intuitive rap from one of the UK’s most interesting atop a spaced out Tropics beat.

Everything was moving a little more slowly than it should for his liking. Why couldn’t the world be as fast as he was? All he dreamt of was to be able to fly quickly through the skies, from destination to destination without the sombre waiting and the time he was wasting.

These were minor delays, minor inconveniences but substantial with time.

As he sat in the airport lounge he watched as more planes came and went – their destination unknown.

From time to time the tannoy would ring out, another departure for another soul. But not his…


Tropics is back with an exquisite downtempo cut which has been paired with vocals from Oscar #Worldpeace – a rapper who continues to showcase a new expressive side of UK rap. As a member of MINIKINGZ and independently he has released a steady stream of thoughtful records with intuitive style. This release is new on All My Thoughts…

Listen below: