Premiere: Remotif – The Sunken Place

5 Minute Read

The Bristol producer continues to develop his progressive take on abstract Trance and Downtempo.

It was beneath the ground, a long way down. Here on the surface it was hard to begin to imagine what it might take to get there and whether they might be able to come back up once they had. Perhaps that was the mystery of it all – the great downward spiral and the rabbit hole to the sunken place.

Everything was happy up here, was it all smiles down there? Everything was bright up here, was it dark down there? Everything was warm up here, was it cold down there?

The sunken place was aloof and beyond what we might ever know, or want to know.


Remotif is a familiar producer who has released a steady stream of wicked, futuristic yet nostalgic records on the likes of X-Kalay, Coymix and Pleasant Life. Now he releases a new record on Emotional Especial. It’s perhaps his most sophisticated to date.

Listen below: