Premiere: Mark E – Bodymap

5 Minute Read

The evergreen, ever consistent Mark E returns with a new EP on Delusions of Grandeur.

It was etched into the old stone, a framework for the perfect self. At least so that they had thought way back then, at the beginning. The sketches must have been there for thousands of years, all that was left of a people and a time very different to their own.

They were deep underground, it had taken several weeks to excavate this far and the strain and toll it had taken on their physical wellbeing was severe.

Now, as they looked at the magnificent old etchings and drawings. They realised that some sort of lifetime ago, there were people building a bodymap, the very core of what they would become in the now.


Mark E is perhaps one of the most underrated producers out there. For many years he has released a steady stream of music which has consistently made its way in to the bags and sets of a broad variety of DJ’s. His versatility is unique, his music able to sit at home amidst a variety of contexts and settings.

This latest EP on Delusions of Grandeur is a brilliant showcase of his penchant for deep, progressive House music.

Listen below: