Premiere: Other Islands – No Need

3 Minute Read
other islands – inroad – no need

Blurring rhythmic parallel worlds, pitched between spectral baile funk and skeletal jungle.

Other Islands – No Need, A wacky tale of a pumpkin seed, It sailed the seas, a tiny steed, Through oceans wild, it did succeed.

In lands of cheese and mustard weed, It found a home, oh, what a feed, With flamingo friends, they took the lead, Dancing through the night, full of speed.

So if you’re ever in a funny mood, Visit these islands, where joy is pursued, With pumpkins and flamingos, the attitude, Is to laugh and play, and to be renewed.


Other Islands picks up from the recent All Else Said / Back Yard with an EP of luminous club constructions.

Listen below and pre-order here: